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digital and web design terms

Website An online representation of your business marketed to the public via the internet. A home page is the initial page of a website. A website is either an E-commerce website (which sells a product and/or service) or an online brochure website (provides information only i.e. mission statement, hours of operation, etc.) Website design is usually charged at a per page fee. It's best to keep each page a "reasonable" height and length to prevent unnecessary scrolling. It's best not to include unrelated information on one page just to save money— it looks unprofessional. Pricing will depend on the complexity and quantity of pages, photo manipulation and length of page for text formatting.

  1. E-commerce Websites  A website that directly sells a product and/or service and will include some type of form for customer information such as name, address, etc. and/or credit card processing. E-commerce sites involve front-end (design) and coordinating back-end programming (CGI, PHP, etc.) in order to capture the info that your customer provides. Pricing will depend upon the complexity of the site. PayPal is an inexpensive and common method of accepting credit cards payments for start up websites.
  2. Online Brochure Websites A website that provides information to the user regarding your company, such as mission statement, hours of operation, and photos. It can promote and market a product or service, but it doesn't sell directly over the internet so it doesn't need the back-end programming which makes it a more affordable option for start-up companies and non-profit organizations.
Domain Name An online address that identifies your website to the internet. Domain names are registered“rented” annually. It is recommended to register derivatives of your company name, as well as the actual nam if your company name will be mispelled frequently by your clients. This also prevents competition from registering a similar name and getting your business. We recommend using Their fees are currently $9.95 per name per year for each domain name.

Flash  These are mini-movies that usually involve moving and/or interactive elements that you view, even when you are not clicking on anything. If this movement is only on the first page, it is often called a splash page where frequently there is a button that says "Skip Intro" to allow users who have seen the movie to not have to view it again and again. Pricing depends upon complexity and length of the movie.

HTML An abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language. This is the basic format for language that is used to construct most websites.

Once your website is designed, the actual files must be placed on a public server where the world can access your new site through the internet. Hosting set up means that your website has been placed on a public server. Hosting companies rent out there servers for a monthly or annual fee. If you haven't set up your hosting yet I recommend checking out

Interactive Form This is a means of obtaining information via user's feedback on a website page. Forms can be a subscription sign up, an order forms, a registration form, etc. There are various factors that effect the price of a form design and function i.e. the number of fields or blanks, programming language needed, database involvement, etc. The form design is usually done in HTML but the back end programming to make it function correctly can be done in several language scripts. I outsource the back end programming and only do the form design (front end).

Low Resolution Web graphics including logos and photos are a low resolution (72 dots per inch-96 dots per inch) because computer monitors are low resolution. Web versions of graphics should NOT be used for professional printed materials — It will be of poor quality! This low resolution version should only be used for websites or PowerPoint. presentations. When a graphic is optimized, it will download very quickly and save frustration on the web user with slow download time. Common formats for high resolution graphics are .gif, .png and sometimes .jpg or .pdf.

Photo Manipulation (Photoshop work) Including touch up, re-sizing and color adjustments. Per hour fee depends on complexing and the amount of work needed

print design terms

Graphic Design (Print Design) Any marketing item that can be professionally printed. This artwork is created and/or designed in “High Resolution” 300 dots per inch for offset- or digital- printing.

  • Logos
  • Stationery (business card, letterhead and #10 envelope)
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Brochures, Folders & Newsletters
  • Product Packaging
  • Book Jackets
  • Catalogs & Direct Mail
  • Magazine & Newspaper Ads
  • Annual Reports
  • CD/DVD Sleeves, Inserts and Stomps
  • Billboard & Posters
  • Signage & Outdoor Banners
  • Menus & Calendars


High Resolution Graphics that are used for printed materials. are high resolution (300 dots per inch.) These graphics CAN also be modified to create a web logo which is a low resolution graphic (72 or 96 dots per inch) Traditional printing requires this higher resolution in order to not look bitmapped or jagged along the edges. Smooth edges Common formats for high resolution graphics are .tif, .ai, eps and some .jpg and .pdf files


Photo Manipulation Including photo touch up, re-sizing and color adjustments. Per hour fee depends on complexing and the amount of work needed

Scanning Flatbed or drum scanning services for either printed pieces or website usage. Please communicate upfront the desired finish size, color or black & white, flatbed or drum scan. Web (72 dots per inchi) or Print (300 dots per inch.)


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