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frequently asked questions 

How much will a website cost?

This depends on several factors that YOU will determine.

  • How many pages will your website need to effectively communicate your business or oganization to the public?
  • Do you want Flash insets or a splash page?
  • Will you provide photography or do I need to search for images on your behalf?
  • Do you want interactive features such as forms?
  • Will you provide the text or do I need to hire a writer to work with you?

When planning your website, one method of getting stared is start with a flowchart. This will help you determine the page count.
Contact me for an estimate!

Do you design for printed materials, too?

Yes, absolutely, anything from logo design to brochures to billboards and everything in
between. Look through some of the samples in the online portfolio in the left sidebar.

What is website hosting? And do I have to have it? 

Once your website is designed, the actual files must be placed on a public server where the world can access your new site through the internet. Hosting set up means that your website has been placed on a public server. Hosting companies rent out there servers for a monthly or annual fee. If you haven't set up your hosting yet I recommend checking out

Can you use my web graphics when you design a brochure for me?

No. Once a graphic has been optimized and made low resolution for the internet, it cannot be turned back into a high resolution graphic. (See definitions page for the difference.) Often times, the graphics have to be recreated from scratch for use on a printed material. If you use web graphics on a professionally printed piece it will have jagged edges and/or be fuzzy.


Frequently Asked Questions

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